The Knock-Out Punch
Published 3 years ago
In development
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Mac; Windows
A game where you are in an epic boxing match and must get the knock out, or give The Knock-Out Punch!
The game starts at the end of an intense match between two fighters chosen. You then input the combos connected to your fighter to power up your KO POWER meter. Once you have enough KO POWER, you can press your attack button to take a jab at your opponent. Or you could max out your KO POWER meter and press your Knock-Out button to Knock-Out your opponent in one hit! (Unless they dodge (To be added)) All animation of the players have been motion captured by JW.Berry! <- Download latest version of TKOP from my page! Updates roll out there semi-weekly
James W. Berry
3D Animator - Student
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Mac; Windows