The Journey: Bob's Story
The Journey: Bob's Story is an Exploration, Atmospheric and puzzle 2D platformer. Play as Bob, who goes on an adventure to find his best friend Neibag who left the village with a group of explorers through villages secret cave.
The Journey: Bob’s Story is a genremix – It’s a 2D Platformer, but with a stronger exploration focus, all set within an atmospheric world with a beautiful story. Features: *Unique Soundtrack to fill the atmosphere and feel like you are there. *Unique Game Mechanics making platforming fun! *Make your own decisions and change your gameplay. *Secrets and collectible items. *Multiple Endings. In The Journey: Bob’s Story the player is put into the role of Bob, who realized that a group of the village called “The Travelers” used to explore a cave near the village everyday, but one day, they didn't come back… Including his best friend Neibag. Help Bob to find out why they left and why Neibag left without him.
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