The Itch
Updated 10 months ago
The Itch is a 2D platformer where you're attempting to find a cure for a virus nicknamed ‘the itch’ by using heartrate to make objects grow, move, and shoot projectiles.
This is a vertical slice of the game that I've been working between university classes to get a better understanding of Unity's features.
Project Site
Web Build (Play time ~5 min)


  • Find, collect, and use items to unlock new areas
  • Explore underground caverns
  • Transfer heartrate into objects to make them come to life
  • Talk with people to figure out where the doctor is hiding

Tools Used

  • 2D Platformer Character Controller
  • 2D Tilemap
  • Unity Particles
  • 2D Animation
  • Pixel Perfect Camera

2D Platformer Character Controller

To create the 2D Physics I followed Unity's 2D Platformer Character Controller tutorials and then modified the code to smoothly handle one-way platforms and input forces.

2D Tilemap

I've been working on this game for a little over 6 months between classes. I've always been a big fan of using tilesets and was really excited to use the new Tilemap features in Unity.

Scriptable Tiles

Animated Tile was used to make the Fire animate. Individual Tiles start on a different frame to make it look less uniform.
I also recreated the Rule tile to easily block out areas

Scriptable Brushes

I took the Prefab brush and modified it slightly to automatically add items to the right place in my hierarchy and create the parent Items object if it doesn't already exist.


I was also really interested in learning more about the Unity Particle System. I ended up applying a pursuit algorithm to the particles to demonstrate the energy transfers taking place
Documentation for how this was achieved: Particle Pursuit

2D Animation

Animating basic player animations was actually on of the first things I did. Unity's Animator and Animation tools made it super easy to set up and tweak the frames so that I could quickly get a feel for how the player looked.

Pixel Perfect Camera

The Pixel Perfect Camera was extremely useful in getting things to look good and scale well across different monitors. The Camera also meant that I could create my own UI anchors that would have the same pixel size as everything else and still scale with the screen
Dane Sherman
Student at RIT - Student
Chuck Chuckerson
10 months ago
neat! I like the crunchy sound effect.
Tucker Burke
10 months ago
Awesome man. I really like the color palette and handling of interior vs. exterior space. Interesting and well communicated mechanics.
Saurabh Saxena
10 months ago
Founder of Delhi Technology Club
Playable(webgl) good job 😊