The Inventor's Garage
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My name is Hazim Alhanbali ,3D artist working mainly on games,worked on more than 10 games most of them are mobile racing games, currently i am Creative director at Tamatem Games. The Inventor's garage is a short movie to show the environment i created for the Neon challenge,it is inspired by the cyberpunk 2077 game trailer and a some from bioshok game , it is about an inventor who created a simulation and got hacked , then used his drone in the simulation to search for the hacker , will he find him ?
All 3D assets were created by me , most of them during the competition ,some are 5 years old , done some re-texturing and added them, some extra assets i used such as music and particle systems are mentioned on the bottom of the blog.
-Tools used : Maya , Substance Painter , Photoshop
-Workflow : High poly & low poly model on Maya >> Baking and texturing in substance Painter >> Unity 2017 (Work Flow details in the bottom of the blog) Make Sure to watch in HD with sound ,Enjoy !!

Sci-Fi Garage workshop , Still work in progress , needs more elements and lighting
Work Flow :
Modeling and Texturing : Low Poly Model and high poly model in Autodesk Maya
Texture maps baking and texturing in substance painter 2 using the unity standard shader (roughens metallic) no external shaders where used ,only for the cloth which is a double sided standard shader
Each model i created went through the same process , some model's texture maps where baked from the low poly model.
Level Design :
Started with garage surrounding walls then started adding more elemnts
Added simple lighting to check the initial look
Then started adding some particle effects

For Exterior i created multiple different building segments with different variations and built the street block
I created multiple planes with different textures to change window lighting and make more variety

Lighting :
I used Realtime lighting settings as shown in the screenshot
The lighting in general was no rocket science ,mostly from emissive materials and bunch of point lights to enhance the effect and light some important areas
One directional light to simulate moon light , street lights had spot lights with a cool cookie
The only Volumetric light in all scenes was the drone light , a spot light , unfortunately it doesn't show in the scene view
Added multiple reflection probs just to capture the lighting mood since the screen space reflection calculated the realtime reflections

Post Processing stack :
Used most of the post processing elements as shown in the screenshot , most of them with default values
I adjusted the bloom and added lens dirt
Tried many color grading variables until i found the best one , still has a room for enhancments
Cinemachine :
Amazing Tool !! First i animated the drone path using unity animator
Then i started my time line and added the drone animation
I added multiple virtual camera focusing on the drone and positioned based on what i want to capture
one of the cameras was parented to the drone (First person view)
After that i started adding more animations and timed them based on the drone movement such as doors opening , and lightning effects , all using activation clips and animation clips
Switching between cameras was using the blending on time line , i also added the sound effects to the timeline.
Particles :
Not many particles systems in the environment , some under spot lights to simulate rain and to give the light some volume
Some rain drops and some fog smoke
The generator had some cool blue particle effect to simulate energy
Added some flares to some lights
Things i learned :
  • Create a color palette before starting: I had a hard time selecting colors that fits in the environment and changed a lot of textures
  • Create the whole scene then enable post processing: Enabling post processing before finishing the initial lighting will not give the best results , adjusting some textures after enabling post processing is ok , but all of them ! if i created the lighting with post processing off then enabled it after that , adjusting some textures and lights would have been easier .
Other Assets i used :
Music from
Sound Effects by
VolumetricLights by SlightlyMad
Particle system : fork-particle-variety-pack-fx-96008
Realistic Rain storme
Creative Director - Artist
Sara Alkhateeb
a year ago
2D Artist
Love it !
2 years ago
Creative Director
Suhaib AlhmadanyLooks AMAZING but needs more light :D
Thank you
Tsuyoi Raion
2 years ago
Game Developer
Looks great :D nice work!
Suhaib Alhmadany
2 years ago
Game Developer
Looks AMAZING but needs more light :D