The I.T. Life (To-Do List)
Updated a year ago
Updated as of 5/31/2018

Top Priority:

  • Create the following types of PC components (e.g. Processors, Video cards, RAM, Motherboard, etc.):
  1. Create the new PC component 3D models for making entry-level PCs
  2. Create the new PC component 3D models for making mid-end PCs
  • Assemble the World Map and create the prefabs for the streets and other 3D objects.

Joshua Prio - 3D Artist (Training)

Model the following building prefabs for the world map:

  1. PC Parts Store (Around 1 - 3 building variants)
  2. Fast-food Restaurant
  3. 1 Apartment Building

Frolyn Raguindin - Director

Create the following scripts w/ custom Unity inspector:

  1. Tutorial System
  2. Probing System (Pre-Mission)
  3. Rewards System
  4. Mission Creator

3D Model a Male and Female Anime Character (Rigged).

Christian Baun - 3D Artist (Training)

Sketch and design the world map layout to be built in Unity3D. - Done
Make a billboard 3D Model. (Assigned 6/4/18)

Jorelle Labanza - Lead Game Programmer

Charlyn Bautista - 2D Artist