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Hello, my name is Anggit Bintang or Abe for short, i'm a student, i live in Indonesia and i've been wandering around the 3d world for quite some times, the reason i take this challenge is because i am a big fan of cyberpunk environment theme and the atmosphere of dystopian and sci-fi and all that related thing are just awesome, so this is definitely the perfectest and "must do" contest i've ever join so far. well actually i've been concepting for this project since day one, a friend of mine showing me the article announcement and it instantly hits my creative guts, but hey! i just figure out that you can post your WIP article here.
anyway, this is the list of software that im gonna use for this project : + Blender - for modeling and animating + Makehuman + Photoshop - for creating concept art and refining texture + Substance painter - for creating texture + Unity 2017.2 - for sure ;) also im gonna try to spend 0$ on the assetstore, i'm just gonna pick some free models to speed up my process and also look out for GitHub, last time i open GitHub i got free volumetric light, this is so handy when it comes to shaping the mood :)


The main idea of the concept is creating a scene of a futuristic dystopian city, and the theme of the city itself is something like a HUB or central market or a central city kind of, the point is i want to make a city where all culture and race from around the universe are gather on that certain place, they live in it, and build a colony. and the first thing that come to my mind is a movie called "Valerian city of a thousand planets" where in the movie there is this large space city that race from around the galaxy lives there.
My approach on this concept is to first of all finding the reference, then i open up my pinterest sci-fi board, and quickly gather the reference as many as possible but also still related to the topic and concept, and here some of it.
These concept helps a lot to build my image foundation and also become the key idea to control the theme and mood of how my scene gonna looks like later on. while searching for reference i found this cool article by 80lv about making the modular buildings and putting it together in UE4, which i found so helpful and related for this project, so check that out, it might helps you as well.

UPDATE 6 #LOG 5 Jan 07 2018

finally i can post again, just been hit with several issues lately and now i can go back to community, so i've create a lot of stuff for this scene, and as you noticed, i marge my first layout to limit the viewer eyes, i just realized that for a half month i making something too ambitious for a solo artist especially with this current deadline, so i narrow down everything and just pushing it as detail as possible.
so turns out, watching movie and go outside helps a lot in gathering reference, and i'm so grateful to live in asia, there is so much cyberpunk referenced out here XD but then my most scene layout inspiration comes from this awesome image by Zhichao Cai on pinterest
i haven't think about the character yet tho, but i was thinking about making around 2 or 3 character type that feels unique but not destroying the feels of the scene, something that seamless. well whatever it is, hope i can show that on the next update.

Updates 5 #LOG 4 Dec 27 2017

Just making some really quick update here since i wasn't posting anything for the last 12 days now.
so you might wondering why there's not much improvement? well i actually create a new scene with not so different concept, and making a lot of new props and new buildings i've spent days building those, but when it close to nearly finish i just realize that im not very happy with the outcome, also im noticing that people starts liking my previous ideas, then i decided to stick with it. so pictures above is the outcome of 1 days of rushing.
Fail concept
so this is the new (and failed) concept that i'm talking about
The feeling of rushing is just wiped out a half of my creative energy, thankfully i have my faith restored now, hope i can make it to the end tho, and i will trying to post daily from now on, and i will schedule at least 12 days before deadline, all the environment are all set! thank you for your support and inspiration too by the way, your wonderful art is the reason why i'm still trying to do my best and do a lot of correction.. see you next update!


The first thing to pay attention when making large environment is the modularity of your assets, the modular asset is the key to speed up process of populating the scene also that means asset efficiency, spending more time building the scene is more important than making a complete building in your 3d tools that you didn't know if it's going to fits the scene or just going to waste you production time. and here is my unfinished modular assets :
The update 2 (image below) so i continue the modular asset production, as you can see, i added more details properties like cable, ACs, scraps, etc. but that definitely not all, i just gonna scratch my head a little more to see whats missing.

UPDATE 3 #LOG 2 Dec 11 2017

well, it's been a frustrating week for me, but really educative, so i recently got a slightly new concept after hearing conversation in the challenge forum, people talk about the challenge that shouldn't be called NEON and all that stuff that makes me going back to the challenge briefing over and over until i assure my self that i'm on a right path.
so, ORION i change the name of my submission, simply because i want to add some story to the city, i kinda didn't know how great the impact of my story yet, but im sure, keeping it secret for now is a way to go, i want my viewer to theorize about what story that i want to tell them.
before we going into the screenshot part, i just wanna fill some information here, i'll explaining my production plan and some notes : ok 35 days, -2 weeks for modeling the environment -1 week for character creation and animation -1 week polishing note : it's probably gonna be super stressful, knowing that you have to be careful even for selecting a song to put to your scene, i mean there is a lot of cool free song that apparently it is licensed, and some times we just not sure or forgot to check the license thing, and surprise! the concept art did the same thing :) and with all of these problem, i decided to make my own resource, later i'm gonna do some voice over for everything that need some voice on my scene, do some reference moves for the animation, and i'm starting to make my own concept art. and here's the progress over the week (that im so sorry i cant upload all of it tonight)

UPDATE 4 #LOG 3 Dec 12 2017

this time i change the scene a little bit from my initial concept, the reason for this is more to the "too ambitious" scene in such tight deadline, so i will keep it small but attractive and atmospheric (well, still trying to), so i changed the idea from underground cyberpunk to sci-fi sky city, and also change from night time to day time, i found day time lighting is more atmospheric in the case of my scene, rather than night lighting, also because i'm giving up on setting the night scene.. xD so here is the block out i made tonight, details are coming soon!

Quick Update

still update 4, i added more detail on my scene, at this point im start using free assets i found on assets store..
NOTE! i probably going to take down the previous concept art, just because it's nor relevant with my scene anymore and there's no point on keep showing it, unless it necessary for the sake of documentation :D aaaaand.. next update i will just simply make my progress video, typing needs a lot of work apparently xD

more coming soon!
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Thank you :)
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Nice work
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glad you liked it @Eric, hope it inspiring :D
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Nice. I like your modular building parts. Looking great!
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Thank you @Taertau :)