The Higher Lower WikiHow Game
A game about shocking reveals and cleverly deducing which WikiHow article has more views. Come challenge yourself by guessing what the people around the world are trying to do on WikiHow! ‘How to take screenshot on Android’ vs ‘How to play angry birds on a kindle’. ‘How to look like you are on drugs’ vs ‘How to get the Justin Bieber haircut’. (Yes, these are actual articles on WikiHow!) Put on your weird thinking caps and decide which one would have more views on WikiHow. Put yourself to the test and imagine which would be the more popular search trend on WikiHow. Do you like quiz, trivia games? Then this is the game for you! It’s easy to play, simply decide which article has been viewed for the most by selecting higher or lower. The objective is to get the most right in a row. It’s the perfect quiz to kill time and can also be used as a drinking game. Download now
Puneet Singh Rawat
Lead developer - Programmer
Backend Developer