The Hangman
The Hangman is a homage to the original Hangman game, where players have to use the keyboard to guess a hidden word. 3 LANGUAGES AVAILABLE It will not only keep you entertained for hours but also help you increase your vocabulary in English, French, and Spanish. The language of the words to guess can be modified in the settings screen. However, no matter what language was selected, in the result screen words will be shown in all three languages. 36 VARIATIONS The game not only looks gorgeous in a medieval theme, but also has 36 different game modes that will challenge your mind and knowledge. CLOUD SAVING INTEGRATED The Hangman has Google Play Services integrated. In other words, you will be able to save your progress in the cloud and play on other devices. PLAY WITH YOUR FRIENDS Of course, playing with friends is more fun, that is why we made it extremely easy for you to share the game and access global and social leaderboards. FULL OF ACHIEVEMENTS That is not all, there are 54 achievements waiting for you to unlock them. Will you be good enough to unlock them all?
Eduardo Castillo Fernandez
Game Developer and Designer