The Hadron Effect
An FPS game in the Half-life genre.
In 2008, I learned about the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN and about the fears some people felt, namely what would happen if the LHC reached its full potential and the conditions believed to be present when the world was created where achieved. After reading all about this, the world’s largest machine, my storyline evolved, I would like to mention I had my storyline planed out many years before I discovered Ridley Scott’s film Prometheus. My game The Hadron Effect is in the Half-life Genre, that is to say it not only involves shooting but places you in an immersive world where you need to solve puzzles, complete tasks and find the right route through the levels. The story is as follows. You are a scientist at CERN working on the LHC, the LHC power is steadily ramped up until one day at work something goes wrong. At full power, the LHC creates a link, tunnel, worm hole call it what you like to another world and in a flash you are transported to somewhere else. You awake and your surroundings feel strangely familiar at first. It looks like you are outside the lab at work but surrounded by rock and debris from the explosion. What in fact has happened is you are now in the world of our creators and the lab isn’t yours but its duplicate on the creator’s home world. Your task is to get back home to your family but clearly this portal is not going to get you back, so you need to move through this strange new world and find another way home. As you progress you quickly learn something terrifying, our creators want rid of us on Earth and start something new. You discover they are trying to find the best way of ridding Earth of the Human race while preserving other life. Using traditional weapons might take too long and become ineffective, using atomic weapons may well work but leave the Earth uninhabitable for a long time. Robot armies may work well but the armies need transporting to Earth and in exact numbers as they cannot breed and need to be manufactured. Biological weapons on the other hand can spread and breed on Earth. So, on your journey you discover the range of their arsenal, experience failed attempts and the legacy of some experiments, your goal however remains the same, survive this world, foil their plans to render us extinct and find another machine that can get you home to safety.
Craig Warner
Developer - Producer