The Game That Challenges all Limits – Vertical Infinity
Published 2 years ago
The Game That Challenges all Limits – Vertical Infinity
I am personally a huge fan of FPS (First Player Shooting) games and always wanted to experience a different realty which challenges my core notions. I played many FPS games but always found a commonality among all. Many of them were of the same story-line and repeated orthodox concept. However, I just found something out which turned as a complete surprise for me.
'Vertical Infinity' an FPS game integrated with 'Virtual Reality', really attracted my fascination towards it. When I started to gathering more information about the game, I got more amazed. The philosophy of the game comes from the ancient scriptures of India where 'Karma' and 'Rebirth' were signified as the two most important pillars of the human race. The game revolves around the two basic ideologies that emerges from 'Heart' and 'Head'.
The overall experience of the game is breathtaking and its in-game graphics are designed in a very specific manner. Being competent with 'Virtual reality', this game surely gives an edge with this new and advanced technology, enhancing the core experience of the game. Being a hardcore gaming fan, I have witnessed it with my own eyes, therefore, I am pretty sure that this game definitely has a huge potential for success in the gaming arena.
'Vertical Infinity' revolves around the story-line of two teams called as 'Eternia' and 'Logica', fighting a battle since time immemorial to prove their superiority and dominance over the other. They both have their own specific ideologies i.e. 'Heart' and 'Head' and the commitment to emerge as the supreme warrior clan. 'Team Eternia' takes decisions from the Heart side which reflects their engrossed understanding of peace and tranquility whereas 'Team Logica' thinks for the Head side which points out towards more conditional, straightforward, mission driven thinking.
'Vertical Infinity' is soon going to launch on VR, Stream, iOS and Android. So, get ready to experience this action pact story-line, FPS gaming sensation.
Vertical Infinity
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Mohnish Zade