The Game Jam Game
Theme You enter a game jam, pick a name and a profession, interact with other participants, explore your options and find the best team members suitable for succeeding the jam. Description Game consists of PixelArt and 8-bit sounds. You will experience a game jam. There are game genres like 2D,3D, Action or Platformer. You start by entering your name and picking a profession. To create your game, you need to collaborate with others. You interact with NPCs to learn their history. But you need to be careful while doing so, because you only have 48 hours to until the jam ends. Chatting too much will cost you your precious time. You also need to learn about others' skills because if your team lacks development or artistic skills your game will surely fail. You will be tested and need to deal with puzzles in order to succeed in the jam. You need to listen what NPCs say and construct your team wisely. Still in Development...!
ibrahim Kaya
Game Designer and Developer - Programmer