The Future Of Show Jumping
Updated 3 years ago
Lights and forms
Show Jumping sport become more popular every year and many people start jumping obstacles as professionals and amateurs, small kids as pony riders too. Horses jumping skills and technique are near their limits. Courses are like a math task or playing chess – think and decide in the moment every stride. What can be a provocation for riders in the future?

We still cannot teach horses to fly like Pegasus, so obstacles height cannot be unlimited. It is interesting to try to find a new challenge. Horses can memorize people, objects and places, they think, decide, feel, communicate. They are afraid of new or unknown objects. Some of them dare to jump trough bushes, fallen trees, maybe they can jump over the lights. If obstacles are made of materials that cannot hurt them, the sport may become more safe for riders too. Horses could jump over the splashes of water or over the obstacles of lights ONLY if rider is their Leader. When they do not trust enough, will not be injured by falling poles. If they stop or refuse to jump, rider can choose the safe trajectory through obstacle to avoid fall. Let think about Show Jumping – Show is the first word in name. What can make the show more attractive instead of horse power and riders look? Obstacles! They are the most important part of that sport. How they are looking on biggest competitions – like art. Soft forms like a sculpture, colors same as a piece of fine art, letters, words – calligraphy.
No effects? Water could be an effect. Light too. Obstacles made by lights could be made in the future. We would like to present this idea in the project. Some verticals, an oxer and water jumps are included in it. Horse sculpture is for decoration. Scene is so real, just waiting the public and riders to begin the show.
Making this project was pleasure for us. It is easy to find many objects and effects in the Asset Store. Lighting is perfect in the real time. Nature too. Sound 3D settings are very helpful. Timeline is very useful to move camera correct and record the video from desire angle and speed of the camera.