The Frozen Ruins
Published 3 years ago
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Twin Stick shooter for iOS
No one knows the true origin of the ruins. The natives say it was not built by human hands. The structures appeared over night and everything in the surrounding area has turned to ice. Every night, strange sounds can be heard coming from the ruins. A blue glow pierces through the darkness. The natives claim that the area is cursed. Even wild animals refuse to go near the ruins.
Years ago, a group of scientists were sent to investigate the ruins. Soon after entering, the communication signal was lost. They were never seen again...
You are an elite soldier sent into the ruins to find out what happened to the missing scientist. You will face many dangers. Even with the most advanced weapons and equipment, your chance of survival is slim. Will you succeed in your mission or will the ruins claim yet another life?
Justin Quinn
3D Artist / Mobile Game Developer - Owner
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