The Frost Avenger - Legend of Gel Frost
I was co-producer of this short 3D animated movie, and a consultant to the author. I also prepared 3D particle effects for the ending battle scene. The film was in production from 2013-2016, and it was released in spring 2016. This movie won the 3rd place in the 4th Animator Fest - European Youth Festival of Animated Film in Jagodina, Serbia. also, it was in shown at International Animated Film Festival Banjaluka 2016.
The film is showcased here with the permission of the author Filip Videnović.
Filip Videnović is director, screenwriter, storyboard artist, character designer, 3D modeling and animation artist, art director and co-editor of this movie. A team of almost 20 people worked on this project, as shown in the ending credits.
Here it is the synopsis of the film:
The ice planet Gelium was attacked by the fiery Negaterrans. The Emperor and Empress Frost called their newborn child Gel Frost, give him the emblem of Gelium and sent him to Earth a moment before the planet was destroyed. On Earth people called him Steve. In high school, he has friends and a girlfriend Tara. Thugs often harassed him. Once he suddenly freezes them, discovering his powers and real identity as Gel Frost. His emblem shines. A hologram of his parents appears. They explained him everything. Negaterrans wanted to destroy the city and the world. Gel Frost defeats them.
Zoran Videnovic
Producer, Artist, Designer, Developer - Owner