The flying city of Azul [FINAL]
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The flying city of Azul is the greatest attraction of the world of Corinthia. Built on a legendary beast, the mighty Krokus, the city of Azul is the most exclusive place to go when searching for fun, games, and entertainment in general. Theatres, magicians, casinos, and beautiful women: if you are in search of these things, then you are in the right place!


We wanted to create something different: we got inspired from the idea of a city built on a giant creature, as seen recently in the game Xenoblade Chronicles 2.
At first we thought about a chinese-like type of structure and environment, but we tried a different solution: mixing Greek-Roman architecture with neons, spotlights and bright advertising boards.
The greatest challenge we faced was building the city on the monster’s saddle. We thought about breaking the saddle in half, making it rotate around a central joint. It would have been impossible to animate the monster otherwise!
For the final video we used Cinemachine to set the cameras, mixing its features to make the shots more dynamic. We also used a plugin for path definition to be more accurate with the ship's trajectory. The most difficult scene to animate was the second, cause we had a lot of elements: a detailed foreground, a little ship, and some huge background elements, like the valley and the flying monster. We setted a path for the ship and made the Cinemachine camera follow the vehicle; then we animated the camera's offset, to give the idea of the ship overtaking the camera.
All the lighting was made with both the post processing stack and a lookup texture for color correction. We enhanced all the lights with a nice bloom, to give the "neon" feeling to the city!
For this project we will use the following Unity plugins (currently):
  • Post Processing Stack (free)!/content/83912
  • Cinemachine (free)!/content/79898
  • Unity Recorder (free)!/content/94079
  • Fog Volume 3!/content/81802
  • Terrain Composer 2!/content/65563
  • Yughues Free Decorative Plants (free)!/content/13283
  • Simple Waypoint System!/content/2506
  • Glowing Stylized Mushroom (free)!/content/56048
  • Stylized Nature Pack!/content/37457
  • Meshbrush!/content/14453
  • PA Particle Field!/content/33271
  • UBER - Standard Shader Ultra!/content/39959
  • Fantasy plants (free)!/content/28858
  • Bodyguards (free)!/content/31711
  • Path Definition!/content/48815
  • Octave3D-Level Design!/content/45021
  • Universal Sound FX!/content/17256
  • Olde Props Pack 1 PBR/Legacy (free)!/content/32221
  • GAZ Street Props (free)!/content/57285

Jan 11 2018 UPDATE
Work in progress video of scene 02

Jan 10 2018 UPDATE
We worked a little bit on lights and sounds, here there is an updated version of scene 01

Jan 08 2018 UPDATE
This is the main ship we will use in the final shots. Modeling in Maya and texturing in 3D Coat.
Here there are some ships floating and moving around the city.

Jan 05 2018 UPDATE
We did some tests for animated leds on billboards: we used an animated emissive shader we found in Uber package. We are going to make lots of prefabs with different colors, to add more variation when placing them on the city.

Jan 04 2018 UPDATE
We textured some billboards and we placed some of them around the city.

Jan 03 2018 UPDATE
We began building and lighting the city over the monster, next step is to refine the lights, to balance neon colors, and to add some props, illuminated signs and spotlights.

Dec 31 2017 UPDATE
Monster animation almost done: we animated in Maya, then uploaded it to Sketchfab
Dec 29 2017 UPDATE
Some concepts for illuminated signs we will place around the city
Azul city modeling progress: we finished the city main structure in Maya.
Then we will add neons, street lamps, doors, windows, and other props directly in Unity.

Dec 27 2017 UPDATE
Krokus model on Sketchfab

Dec 26 2017 UPDATE
first scene test!

Some screenshots:

Here is the first storyboard for our video, we are going to do some tests with Cinemachine!
Black Spire
Davide Riccitiello
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2 years ago
снова черепаха и город на ней? да пошел ты на хуй с такими играми
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мне глубоко насрать на все чужие проэкты не нужно мне пихать в ленту посмотреть мне действительно повигу что вы делаете ,мне безразлично все что вы делаете -никто из вас не можеть дать то что мне нужно-иначе бы я не пришла сюда
John Sietsma
2 years ago
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Amazing work
2 years ago
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Nice animations
2 years ago
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Just beautiful! And that woods scene... Thumbs up!