The Falconeer
Updated 10 months ago
In development
Nintendo Switch; PlayStation 4; Windows
Fantasy Aerial Combat
Discover the skies above an epic oceanic world: Halcyon. Fight for and against its inhabitants and factions, and uncover the deep secrets long buried underneath the Ursee ocean. The Falconeer is an hommage to the arcade flyers I grew up with :Crimson Skies, Drakan but also Wing Commander and TIeFighter. An open world where through dog fighting and flying skills you can upset the delicate balance between the powers. Its also the culmination of my texture-less game art style. Where I focus on creating every aspect of the visuals myself through shaders and not through textures or normal maps (more on this later). I do this because I have the need to create visuals that don't try to hide the fact that they are a 3D approximation of a real world rather than an imitation of reality. A game where you can feel its triangles and gradients but still feel its tangible and believable.
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Nintendo Switch; PlayStation 4; Windows