The eXtinct - Neon Challenge
Published a year ago
"The eXtinct" - Neon Challenge by Raees Rahim

About Me

I'm a software developer from Trinidad and Tobago. I currently use Unity as a hobby but I hope to release a successful game some time in the future. I'm also a musician, so after creating a collection of solo music tracks. I decided it was time to release it, and what better way than to make a video game based on all of the songs. The music and concept art was all developed with a theme of an apocalyptic event taking place, and the listener happens the be the one person who can save all of humanity and so, I decided to take on the Unity challenge to introduce the world to my music / game project. I however wasn't able to commit the time I needed to make the project and I therefore only spent a week on it. What I do have after one week of work and some amazing assets from the Asset Store, I can say that I was impressed and had a blast making it.

Assets Used

Here's a quick run down of some of the exceptional assets I've used in my project:
I first had the idea to include foliage similar to that of my home country in the Caribbean, so I immediately gravitated toward the Tropical Forest Pack by Baldinoboy.
To add some life and make populating the vegetation easily I used the amazing Vegetation Studio by A.W.E.S.O.M.E Technologies.
To get the right night setting I used Tenkoku by Tanuki Digital.
To set the lighting and atmosphere I used HxVolumetric Lighting by Hit Box Team.
For the city (which I wish I had more time to finish what I wanted to do in the city), I used CScape by Olivers Pavicevic.
And for the road way and street lights I used Road Maker Optimized by Luke Pindsle.
For Post Processing I used the Unity Post Processing Stack 2 and Beautify by Kronnect
And cameras were handled by Unity's Cinemachine and Timeline.


I'm currently working on some other game ideas, but if for some reason people really like the idea of what I'm doing here. I just might focus my attention on getting this one done first.
I hope to like it and please leave any feedback or feel free to message me on my social media links.

Raees Rahim
Software Development Lead - Programmer