The Element Within
- PROCESSING - This game was created during the first year and the first semester of my education. The team consisted of six team members. The game was created in Processing. The game is a space shooter. The objective of the game is to survive as many waves as possible and get the highest score. The player starts with a fire bullet. The player unlocks the ice and electric bullets after a few waves. It is possible to switch between the bullet types. There are different power-ups in this game: slowmotion, explosive shot, laser, shield bonus etc. The player also has a special ability. This ability needs to have a full charge, which is gained by enemy kills, however, if an enemy passes the player, the player loses a charge. This ability instantly kills all enemies on the screen. The game is demonstrated in a youtube video embedded below. I mainly worked on the animations, power-ups, UI, art, explosions and sounds.
Souhayl Ouchene