The Early Academic Expeditions of Randolph T. Lewis, Jr.
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Unity Web Player; WebGL; Linux; Mac; Windows
Airship Nightingale, en route to the Academy of Science, has been blown away by a violent thunderstorm into unknown air, where it crash-landed on an uncharted floating island. The player assumes the role of young Randolph Lewis, who was recently accepted to the University and had left home on his uncle’s (the Captain) ship. The rest of the crew have to tend to the wounded and repair the ship, while Randolph is sent to look for supplies on the island. He encounters a variety of local fauna and flora, some of it friendly, some hostile. Randolph, being a young curious student of geography, is amazed by the size of the lost island and by the bizarre creatures and plants he encounters. The aim of the crew, and ultimately of Randolph as well, is to repair the ship and depart as soon as possible.
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Oliver Pacut
Creative, Programmer - Designer
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English; English, British
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Unity Web Player; WebGL; Linux; Mac; Windows