The Dwellers
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In development
Windows; Mac; Linux
The Dwellers is a simple RPG project created for my final year at Northbrook. It features a complex item system and a loose Voxel-Art style.
This project prototype was created with the help of Nerice Holden. She modelled the enemy Dwellers and the wizard character, along with creating the VFX for the project.
The goal of this project was to have an exhibition-able product by the end. The above video shows a short 3-minutes worth of gameplay. Most of the gameplay was constructed in 4 weeks of development, however the item system behind the project has been in development for the last year.
The dungeon tileset for this game was created in 3ds Max and took up the majority of the development of the project from my part. It was quite enjoyable to create the models, however I do regret not spending more time on the textures. The textures where generated procedurally and the walls in particular where rushed.
Anthony Marmont
Games Developer - Programmer
Nerice holden
3D Modeller - Artist
Nerice did an awesome job modelling, texturing and animating our little characters - along with making the VFX.
Game Languages
English, British; English
Supported Platforms
Windows; Mac; Linux