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About This GameOne of the few First Person Platformers ever created! Fight your way out of this dream world created by the dreamlord just for you.Collect Dreamlord powers, Mind Fragments and lost memories. Jump from platform to platform in order to reach the end portal in time and escape. The Dreamlord has given you jump pads, teleports, elevators, anti-gravity devices and lots of platforms to jump on and get to the end. Prove to him you are worthy of waking up. If you fail, you will remain in the dream world... Forever!Features:17 different objects which combine to create different puzzles. 20 different levels with 3 difficulty options, plus a Hardcore mode, for old-school gamers! 3 unlockable powers - Double jump, Second chance and Move obstacles. Realistic physics simulation, real-life gravity acceleration. Voice overs. Collectible Mind Fragments and lost memories. Detailed graphics with normal mapping, specularity mapping... Expansion system including level packs, model packs, voice overs & sfx, events Awesome In-game Level Editor. You never leave the dream world...Dive in a dream environment filled with traps and obstacles and find the exit. Its your only chance to wake up again!Objects:Apart from the regular columns, there are: Mind fragments - give more time and recover lost memories. Power fragments - take them to unlock a certain power. Jump platforms - makes your legs stronger to jump higher. Anti-gravity platforms - reverse your gravity when you're under it. Moving platforms - move back and forth in fixed intervals. Breakable glass platform - it breaks when you get off. Disappearing platforms - they start to fade away once you step on them. Fireball trap - shoots fireballs at fixed interval. Teleport - teleports you to a different part of the level. Button Activated platforms - hidden, until you press the corresponding button. Elevators - go up and down. Sinking platforms - going down when you step on it. Transparent platforms - mainly to confuse you about the main path or to hide a different path.Spikes trap - activate after you step on a column above the spikes or show/hide on fixed interval. Teleport trap - shoots teleports that will take you to the beginning of the level without resetting anything. Swinging metal ball - it'll push you off a column. Hanging spikes - start sinking when you step under them.Download expansion packsThe Expansion Manager allows you to download an expansion pack from our official page, or from a friend and play it right away in the game, without any complications.The Expansion ManagerThe Level Editor (Expansion Manager) is built into the game. It uses the gameplay as a base which allows you to test the level while you're creating it with the same physics and movement as a regular player. In the Expansion Manager, you can easily change the order of the levels for an expansion pack, change the goal times, create/move/delete or modify objects with only a few buttons. After you're done, you can just archive the expansion folder and share with your friends or other players around the world, giving them a little more diversity. You can also upload it on the official Dreamlord page for everyone to enjoy.InformationYou can find more info at my official website or at the Online Game Manual.Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy my game! Ven Mesechkov, Mesetts Software. b4d347fde0 Title: The DreamlordGenre: Adventure, Casual, IndieDeveloper:mesettsPublisher:New Reality GamesRelease Date: 13 Dec, 2016 The Dreamlord Torrent Download [Password] The awful game physics in a game that requires coordination turn this into a nightmare.. I am indeed a Dream Lord. After purchasing this game, I decided to put my Dream Lordedness to the true test. The main character, Dreamlord, is indeed an impressingly accurate representation of a dream lord. However I would to point out that now in my wildest dream lord dreams did I dream a dream so dreamy, where upon traversing many (unchallenging, because I am a Dream Lord) levels, the Dream Lord knew I was the one toying with him and not vice versa. Shortle thereafter, the Dream Lord sent me to the beginning of the game once again, proving that he is indeed the true Dream Lord. I will perhaps invite him out for a nice brunch of cherry seeds and well water to speak of the many cultural jokes of the Dream Lord people.Dream Lord heheha hipple. I got this game with a bundle, and for what it is. The game is NOT BAD. I thought this game came out like in 2008 or something like that. The game reminds me of Intelligent cube for the ps1 in a way. I played it because I was curious, and i was able to put down some time for it. This is definately a shovelware game, and it shows. Nothing really impressive about it.. Annoying platformer that starts well & then has a pillar platforming section on pillars hardly large enough to stand on, that takes a lot more time to complete than the platformer in level 3 of the original Turok.... I only made it a few levels into Dreamlord..... It's an awesome game. The Negators just dont like zen games obvs. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this game and its really cool getting stoned to some music and jumping on floating logs while this Jarvis guy (the dreamlord) sets the whole thing up. It feels similar to Only If in the atmosphere of it, though it's much more frustrating. Overall I'd say A+.I havent finished it, I've hardly played it for half an hour but its a great timekiller and if you get it in the NRS bundle it's even better. These guys are great Devs and i hope they keep up the good work.. This is a very interesting first person platformer and i like the spirit and the scary dreamlord guy.Its a funny game with small puzzles and the harder levels can really make you eat a shoe!Watch my gameplay review and make my day! you can see your ltitle hands if you look down but you just jump. 󠀡
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