The drawn roller. Plot Hroft. Indie game.
Published 2 years ago
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Mac; Windows; PlayStation 4; Android; iOS
Hroft is a brave hunter and Savior. He fights evil creatures from different Worlds. During his pilgrimage, he reveals traces of Chaos that hides in the hidden pass between the Worlds. The pass is called The Shadow Path. During a battle, Hroft falls into a trap, and the flicker of portal's light becomes his only way of surviving. The obelisk teleports him to Anvelor, but he loses his memory after landing. When Hroft regains consciousness, he hears hundreds of souls begging for help. Looking at their burnt village, he senses three Dark Forces, he feels a familiar feeling. It turns out that the villagers were guarding A Tear of He Who Cannot Be Named, ancient Amulet of Souls, which was stolen from the World. Hroft realizes that the plea comes from this amulet.

Who are we going to fight? Demons? Chaos? Necromancers? Why is it so important to save Anvelor? During the game, we need to find out Hroft's past and find the amulet's thief.
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Mac; Windows; PlayStation 4; Android; iOS