The Dragon Jewel: Under Siege - WIP
Updated a year ago
Welcome to the lands of Gwydion
Hi there and welcome into a project that I hope to bring to life. It is a very huge project and I am not so expert either in 3D art or gaming, so I am taking it as an amazing excuse for improving my skill in both field and try to transform a dream in reality. First time I have written about the lands of Gwydion I was eighteen and many times I left the whole story into the drawer below my desk, so some time back I decided to turn part of that story into a videogame. I am not releasing many details at this stage but I can say that all the characters I created for the fantasy book I am never going to finish will be here. I hope you will enjoy the WIP and the effort I will put in the whole creation. Everything is on improving stage, even the logo, and nothing is certain yet but I like the whole magic around a project-to-build like this.ll Stay tuned for more details.

What kind of game will it be?

The main engine would be a Tower Defense structure but I am planning to add a lot of features from other types of games like RPG and others. The project is in its very early stage and I am trying to keep both modeling and game features at the same point. Below you can find the first examples of something I am already working on. Hope you enjoy it.
Within the Archers Tower there will be archers, of course, so I decided to create an archer as the first minion to continue scripting and assembly the various game parts one by one. In this case it is just coloured by different basic materials but I will work very soon to unwrapping and texturing.
Marco Reale
Creative Designer, 2D Animation Producer Lead - Designer