The Division - Rockefellers Prison - Fan Art
Fan Art - The Division - Rockfellers Prison
This project is a FanArt i created of The Division based on a concept by Daniel Matthews.
Daniel's Artstation
Daniel's Concept link
Since January 26 until May 23, i worked on a scenario based on a concept by the artist "Daniel Matthews", the name of the concept is "Rockefellers Prison". The reason i had chosen this concept is that since i began playing the Divison i was amazed by it, from the VFX, to the high quality game art.
One important thing about this project is that it was created on Unreal Engine 4.19.2 so some things may be different on other Unreal versions.
This project is the result of having taken Ryan's Kingslien "Game Art Institute" Environment Art Bootcamp, where i learnt techniques for creating modular assets, trimsheets, deeper knowedge of texel density, 2nd uv channel technique and lightmap rules, texture sheets, unwrapping for modular assets such as walls, diving deeper on substance painter, learning to use substance designer and marvelous designer.
I learnt a lot from both Shawnell Priester and Ryan's Kingslien, both of them were awesome mentors as well as from my classmates.
Here is a 3 part breakdown(long posts):
3D Environment and Prop Artist - Other