The Defender of Knowledge
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iOS; Android
[Programmer, UI Designer] Aalto University's Learning Centre hired us to make a game for their course about Information Retrieval. (2-member team, 2017)
All the Bachelor's degree students in Aalto University have to take a short course where they learn about the Learning Centre's services and facilities. This hasn't been the most exciting course for many, so the librarians of the Learning Centre decided that a game would make the topic feel more interesting, and hired me and Jesse Barksdale to make this game. From now on, all the students will play The Defender of Knowledge before attending the Information Retrieval course.
The Defender of Knowledge is a simple mobile platformer where the librarians teach the player both to play the game and to use the Learning Centre's facilities. The backstory is that you are a student who needs to defend Aalto University against the soldiers of ignorance. We developed the game during the summer of 2017 as a team of two.
In this project I was the programmer, and took care of publishing the game. The game has:
  • the abilities for jumping, attacking, and performing a stronger special attack
  • collectable coins
  • a shop where you can buy equipment that you can also see while in-game
  • purchasable pets that follow you in-game
  • a boss-fight where the boss spawns enemies in front of you
  • a dynamic text display that works together with the Ink plugin
  • language options for Finnish and English
  • an automatic saving system
Laura Laakso
Visual Game Designer - Student
Game Languages
English; Finnish
Supported Platforms
iOS; Android