The Creation of my Unity Asset Store
Published 7 months ago
The process selling a digital product
Around one month ago I took an interest in the Unity Asset Store and thought hard about selling 3D models of my own creation. I expected the process to be complex, but in-fact it was extremely simple and the publisher interface is very friendly. Of course, you are prompted to take a professional approach to selling a product. So I took it upon myself to create an original logo, banner and title that I would assign to my own "business". I have previous experience in Photoshop and graphic design so this was no challenge, actually I quite enjoyed it. I feel taking myself more seriously is important when selling a product and expecting people to actually pay for it.
Which leads me into marketing the assets that I would publish, not only would I need to create something worth paying for but also present it in an appealing manner. This is made so much easier when working with 3D models because I already have the tools required to create beautiful renders of my different projects and relatively easily. This is why I chose to use Blender for modelling, texturing and rendering. It's a great piece of software. Here's an example of a render used in one of my key images:
The use of lighting and post process effects give a professional effect and makes the product more presentable and appealing.
Putting a price on an asset pack is one of the toughest aspects of selling on the asset store. As the creator its hard to gauge the value of what you are planning on selling. Using other assets on the store as a reference is important but also thinking about how much I would personally pay for what I have is the most effective way of gauging the value of your product.
I plan on creating and publishing more 3D asset packs in the future and building my knowledge and experience along the way.
Jacob - Artist