The Cool Lemonade Trials
Heat as Energy Transfer Educational Game
Made three educational games in three and a half months for the US Edugames Startup Legends of Learning. The degrees of participation varied for the three games, yet the three were managed by me. They needed to comply with the client's requirements (function in WebGL in tablets, connection with an API, appropriate contents and language for US Schools among others.) The Cool Lemonade Trials (40 hours of my time): - This was a bit different. I trained my housemate and long-time collaborator Marios Richards on using Unity and set up the bases for the project, then he designed and coded most of it, while I was able to devote almost all my time to doing all the art featured in the game from scratch. - Background music was custom designed by Robert Wolf.
Xanto Nemot
Game, Apps and Web Dev - Programmer