The Children of Preservation [Prototype]
Published 3 years ago
In development
A tribute to Brandon Sanderson's fantasy series Mistborn: the final empire. My first development project is this Action/Adventure 2D platformer set in one of the outer plantations of the Final Empire's central dominance.
The vision of the project is to bring the Cosmere a little bit closer to the players, letting them try out the awesome magic systems, fight horrific enemies, and try to survive Ruin's wrath, perhaps even confront him as a champion of preservation.
This is the first public version of the prototype, so there's a long way to go, however your input on how to bring to light concepts of the novel will help me prioritize and move faster.
The project still needs approval from the current owner of the story, to help me get it please share it with all the Cosmere fans you know, and remember to follow me on Twitter!
Daniel Rosales
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