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Hi! My name is Alex, 22 years old, and here are my special memories...It's happened so that all of them are from my childhood. Dunno why exactly, I just really want to re-create them.
Everyone has some special memory from theirs childhoods. For me - it's not just some particular moment, it's quintessence of lighting, colors and signature objects of those times.
My second memory scenes is called - "Almost got it" The description will be here soon :3
My first memory scene is called simply - "My room" I wanted to re-create lighting of the childhood as much as possible. I remember that I felt somehow happy every summer day between 18:00 and 20:00 o'clock, when the sun goes down and the light become orange and very warm. I've lived 10 years in this room, and every sunny day of every summer between 18 and 20 o'clock I was laying on the sofa for 10-15 minutes and listened to the music. And after that... I was going outside... And sometimes I would spend hours playing lego (actually chinese analogue since it was imposible to get actual lego those days in Russia). I am a very big fan of Harry Potter universe, I think I've build Hogwarts castle thousand times out of lego. Update: Added myself young, box of lego, curvy lamp above the sofa, wooden toy dinosaur and dust particles.

The room is not yet completed, there are plently of details waiting to be added. Of course most of them are toys, because 50% of childhood is about toys! I am using Blender for making complex objects such as corner wardrobe, but a lot of objects here are simple unity primitives like cubes.
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Cindee Madison
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Interesting to consider lighting as a key trigger for memories....looking good
Jesse Jenny
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Looking Great
Farrukh Abdur
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Very good :)
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Alexey SemenovWonderfull work! Dusk light in the room is perfect. It' already triggers my childhood memories about home)). Maybe add some volumetric light and dust particles in it?
Thank you! Yep, you reading my mind. Dust and vol.light will be added here, indeed ^^