The Cherry Berth
Updated a year ago
Update 02 - Storyboard Part 1 - Drone on Road
Update 02 - Storyboard Part 1 - Drone on Road
What you see above is the first part of storyboard with shot references and color/composition study. We have decided pretty early that we wouldn't do a classic camera fly-by but add a bit of a story to the mix. We are going to use the little drone that is visible here for our establishing shots. Still not sure if shots will continue following it after this point. You can see we are planning to show a bit of outside but the real location starts from one of the hangars and goes beyond to show the marketplace inside. Trying to catch a Ghost in the Shell-like feeling here, where action shots are followed by calm, static camera shots to give a breathing space for the viewer and tell the story through other animations in the scene. It will be a challenge to get colors and compositions down in the engine. After being done with storyboard, that's what's waiting for us.
Update 01 - Initial Engine Test - Sketchy Mockup We have tried a very quick mockup with some free/cheap Asset Store assets and blocked out vehicle to experiment and brainstorm some of the earlier ideas we had for The Cherry Berth. It's a name of an old and broken desert vehicle turned into a marketplace, meeting point for many local folks and travelers. The appealing idea was to have a vast, barren, hot, steaming environment and an enclosed mirage-like structure in the middle for a possible refuge. These early sketches/mockup scenes were very useful for further brainstorming and seeing possible problems/challenges the project might bring with it. We decided to step back and concept the overall colors and shot compositions.

Anil Demir
Developer / Designer - Other