The Cave Town(Unfinished)
Updated 2 years ago
Sci-Fi, Water, Metal, and Caves
Unfortunately I was not able to finish every thing up in time, but I will be posting a video even though I won't qualify for the competition!
My entry for the Neon Challenge is inspired by worlds like Star Wars and Final Fantasy 7, and a small amount of Bloodbourne. The Town I created lives inside a cave that has only two access points with the main entry being under water. There are water filled canals that line throughout the streets. I had to scale back a lot and did not end up what with what I had set out to make since I didn't budget my time well! I figured it was still worth sharing as this my first time doing lots of art(I am a programmer, I wouldn't consider myself an artist). That being said I made so many custom models since a lot of things on the asset store didn't quite have the look I desired. I am a broke college student so buying assets isn't an option for me really. Here is a look at how my ideas finally came together.

The Beginning

Darrell Wulff
Independent Game Developer - Student