The Bunker
Updated 8 months ago
My Progressive Bunker Assets
I wanted to create this article as I am not ready to produce a Game-Post, yet. Below, are the two images that show the progression between Version 1 and 2 of the Bunker-Hatch from my project. (More on this in the coming months.)

You can see that there is the addition of pipework and hatch-materials; the modelling is better and ready, hopefully, for the final version...Number 3.
As this develops, and more is produced, I will add it all to a Game-Project-Post. You can't deny, the thought behind the steps 'up' is golden, you've got to think of having ease when reaching your bunker, ey?
Everything is peachy...
October '2018
Gavyn Rudd
Researcher / Teacher/ Developer - Artist