The bitter and the sweet
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The bitter and the sweet memories for the #ProxiArtChallenge made by #Unity

Final video

Milestone: I really enjoyed this challenge. It was the best way to kick me in the rear to make something and learn learn learn. I had just 3 full days for the last one. And it was like a jam. Its 4.59AM and I'm still writing this report. Funny and sad that it is allready over. But new ones are waiting. Till next time my sweet bees.
Tools i used: Unity 2017.3 (Postprocesing, Cinemachine, Timeline), Blender 2.79, GarageBand, Audacity, Gimp, Inkscape, Krita, ShareX.

Time travel

When me and my wife started goind out i thought that it would be very cool to carve something in a tree. One day we went on a hike and one big potential tree unveiled the opportunity. After some years we got our little girl. And we went out into forest to look at that tree. It was just like past time meet the future.
Story: scene represents a little piece of heaven. The depiction of time is in some way abstract. Rather is pointed out how time realy flies and how we must cherish it. Tree is minely like our lives and just as it goest throught hard times so do we. Water depicts energy that flows from our body and the tall tree when it is fully grown has found a way to deal with the problem. Just as me and my girlfriens had to go through rough times.

Modeling: i wanted to use blend keys and do something with it. So the primary goal was to make timelapse effect and manipulate shape keys in order to get the feeling. There are two set of keys on the tree. First ones are expanding the tree and the other ones are making new branches to stick out of the chrochet. I modeled thee with a skin modifier. because i wanted to see if it is realy that problematic. I can say that i didnt had any problems when morphing meshes. I just couldant decide about normal mapping and i left it like this. Waterfalls are simple curved shapes that have UVs straighten along X. UVs are smaller so that i could do some variations on a texture. Sometimes water is busting and sometimes is less water. The other waterfall was the same but i just switched the texture on material. I made some more polis with the knife and sculpted them so that the texture was offseting in a wave like maner. The only thing i am angy of myself is because i decided i will animate and model a bird. Its OK. But the animation is very jerky. But this is what you get if you dont get enough of sleep.
Texturing: waterfall texture was painted only on the whole X axis and on the UVs. I have intentionaly left low res ambient occlusion map on the boulder. I tried hires. But this way i left a little more randomnes in the scene.
Riging: the most funny thing is that i made my first animal rig. Although i dont find it to hard it was frustrating because here helpers are a must. Especially for the wings.
Audio: i thought that i will make another song to make a great closure on the prequel. But time really ran me over. Funny thing here is that i know how to handle audio. And here at the last one audio was all but great. At least my wind, bird, and waterfall impressions are showing that with little knowledge how sound works you can reproduce something that is allmost alike. Walking in a bathrom with a right set of throusers is great for waterfalls, t-shirt and a hand is a bird flying away and a wind, oh whell the wind is actually me. The most fun i had was making the timelapse cover. Because i wanted to recreate like a sound of the universe. It turned great at least for me.
Particles: there is 3 types of particles. Bursting hearts, mist and burning heart on the tree.
Lightning: light at the entrance of the cave and in the cave is for the supposedly wet walls. One light is besides the waterfall that is animating like a water reflection. And there is one directional light.
Animations: wow now this was a lot of work. I had more approaches to the timelapse solution. But i didnt want to manipulate time.timeScale. So thats why i created several scripts to get acces to all variables that i could think off. Animations are mixed with scripting that allows easy animation curve creation and then animating just here from the timeline.
Scripting: there was alot of scripting involved in polishing. I made hover script, for the clouds, lerp script for the chrochets, manager for day night cycle and timelapse, activation scripts, scripts for other manipulation and so on. I looks like its a complete mess. Yet it works. My approach is that when i have a tool i abuse it as hard as i can and as capable as i am. And if i cannot do it one way i do it the other i know how to. A lot of things are complementing. For example. Timelapse fealing of mist recipe: script for stop and play and tick on the prewarm on particle system.

Lost Souls

It was a summer day when i just got home from Munich. I got together with my friends to play some beach volley when suddenly i saw her, my love, my life, my wife :). It was love on first glance. Since then we have been together and we dont need nothing else but each other. And two or our kids to be precise. Neza and Izak i love u both sooo much.
Story: scene is a mere depiction where did it happened. With the lightning, music and particles i tried to made the most lightweight, floating lovely depiction of the moment when u feel true love.
Concept: I am literally rushing and i didnt made any concept art or any kind of raw material. Fortunally scene is all but unknown to me so the task was literally done from and with heart.
Modeling: starts again in Blender of course. Charaters are modeled by deforming the subdivided box mesh with default modifier. Volley court is made from a box that has subdivided and sculpted upper face. Then i made high poly volley court and sculpted the bumps that were later baked to a texture. Lines on the court were made with baked cloth simulation. Probablly most fun was with a net. I tried several approaches to make it snappy but ended with two subdivided planes that are sculpted into shape keys. I tried to animate them but didnt ended as i intended. Because of the setting of the scene i concluded that net animation will be left out. Heart was made with subdivided box primitive that was shaped in a new shape key. Then i have animated it with a script. I like it more than with animator because i can tweek steps of the animation, ratio of shape increment and much more. Below is a script that i made for using the shapekeys.
Texturing: only characters where unwrapped and painted. Slopes around the court are using same texture but the tiling and the material color is abit changed. Tiling made models more natural and distorted the monotomy. Net was made in GIMP simple and clean. Some vertical lines and horizontal in skewing the lines.
Rigging: both characters use same rig that i made for the first character. Rig is basic IK without helpers. Custom shapes do take more time. And for this not complicated animations they are not necessary.
Audio: There is a theme that is constructed with two keys ascending and the third one overthem descending G, F#, A, that reproduce swirl like composition that gradually clasps lost souls together. I tried to make compatible music that by its own ecompasses sfx and in some moments conducts the camera positioning. I had a great idea for a cover but it was hard since i lost my MIDI cable somewhere and i actually did played the tune on an i pad. There was many trial and error and alot of patience. Its hard to play it emotional since its hard to reproduce any live techniq.
Particles: this memory has some interesting vfx made with particle system alone. First i created 2 types of material (particle aditice and aditive soft). For the hart spinning effect i made small script that uses the rotation of a GameObject around a a heart ( transform.RotateAround(transformOfTargetObject, AxisToRotate, speed * Time.deltaTime);). Particle object uses only trails that have enabled world space. Emiting particles were hidden so that only trails are seen. There are many approaches: disabling the rendering of the emitters, creating transparent material for emitting particles, changing alpha over time or size over lifetime. Other systems use basic emitting with circle emitter shape. Only first effect where text dissaears uses a system that is emitting from a mesh.
Postprocessing and lightning: This scene was very lightweight in this area. There is only one directional light. With post procesing i only used BLOOM. This effect did the effect that makes all that hearts shine.

General relativity

My mother went to buy some groceries. And my world just got a little bigger. I have plaied a little with a lighter under the table and just having fun leaning fire on the table cloth. Suddenly laws of physics applied in a most non desireable way. Cloth caught fire and it was to late. In few seconds half of the table was on fire. It was so hot and bright that i wasnt able to run passed it. I remember squizzing myself in the corner and just waiting for something to happen. I still remember the fear and hard time breathing that i had and how time acctually stopped.
Story: scene is depicting the duality of time. From the bystander who is observing the stressful situation and is mostly eager to help, time flyes and for the victim the hoplesness of the situation presents time running slower. Between the two, time relativity according to the perception is revealed in the most cruel and unbiased manner.
Concept: positioning of the scene was allready in my head since this is my mothers house. Here i just put all the todo's on my brainfart table. I hope that word doesnt have and tm behind :). It got dirty fingers with this one very fast.
Modeling: starts with Blender. Standard procedure. Piemenu and view3d.view_selected in the global settings for focusing the objects are a must. When i model i just go with the flow (if i am not trying to copy something). For the table destruct i used cellfracture. For modifing the meshes subdivision, and skining were used.
Texture: in some cases i have separated the model by selection and just added different coloured material. There rose on the right is just this case. Since i have decided on mono color pallet this was an easy way out. Some models i have seamed and unwrapped just for the purpose of creating the magazine and picture. Room on the other hand has standard textures (diffuse, normal, ao and specular). Ao was baked in blender others where laid on the uv texture of the room. They where GIMPYfied. There i have said it. :). Flor texture and burned texture were painted. Not that hard basicaly puting the colors on. Freestyle.

Rigging: the only rig there is, is on the boy. I have made basic IK without the helpers. I have also rigged table cloth just to see if it would be better than animating it with keyframing the shapekeys with the export of .mdd.
Animating: boy and door are animated by keyframes in blender. Particle system (fire, smoke) was supported by animated light intensity and light position above the table. That way we get the feeling of fire intensity changing and woobling of the flames. Above the table is one light that changes intensity so that i didnt have to use emision on the shader. I wanted to show how burned wood sparcles and how it sucks air. That is why i have animated the door that show the air flow into the room. Curtains in the room are unity cloth system. I just wanted to try it out. And it was easier to use than i thought. Mirror is camera rendering on the texture.
Scripting: i just plaied with the scipting because sometimes it makes easier to determine a start of some function, destruction, sound by invoking or setting the activation gameobjects in the scene. So the destruction of the table is handled with a script that gets activated which start function consists of playing the sparcle emission and setting the parent go to null. That way actually unity physics takes over. Time is slown down with activation of a script that subtracts deltatime from timescale and then adds it back to 1. With shaders i just made one corretion of standardshader where i inserted CULL OFF in the shader and that made table cloth visible from bothsides.
Lightning: basically i didnt have a clue what i was doing. I tried to replicate something what i thought it would be a room on fire with busted lights and in later evening. Scene uses 4 lights and 1 probe. 1 is directional that had little impact, and 3 point lights. 1is more yellowish and 1 is allmost red. 1 point light is hovering above table to illuminate burned texture. Probe is in the room merely because of the windows glass and the mirror. Lightning is fine art. I tweaked and tweaked and i hope it didnt end up to dark.
Postprocessing: picture says it all. Maybe important also there is no differed rendering here. I meant it for mobile.
Audio: chorus is just a mere loop that represents time continuum and duality. Where slower and low pitched strings represent one perspective and higher, faster representing the other. Low base is like a glue that holds them together when they occure at the same time representing the reality. Eventhough they all have different tackts they altogether create a bubble that represents space-time. Chorus was asembled on my ipad (GarageBand) and then exported in blender. Mixed down in mp3 and then off to audacity for corretions. Clock sound is from the same clock that it was at that time in the room. Its moms wedding gift. Actual fire was recorded . I wanted to make it as realisticaly as it can get. For recording i used my phone and a mic. All tracks were mended in Audacity. All noises were reduced and some narative tracks have applied effects. Changing tempo, speed, repeat, noise reduction, pitch reverb and echo were main effects.
with Love, Andreas
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Sean Smith
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Enjoyed watching. Good animation and camera in the second scene.
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Do not faint, mate .... Hit those keys .... There you go a like to raise your spirits.
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Nice start on this. Looking forward to see more :)