The Big Secret Of A Small Town Crack Activation Code
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The Big Secret Of A Small Town Crack Activation Code

About This GameThe small town is a very important town indeed. Here, a unique industrial complex is located. Rumor has it that it does not require energy for production, because that is exactly what it produces! How is this possible? It looks like an unknown villain is ready to answer this question. He kidnaps the head of the city administration during his performance, leaving the sinister scarecrow on the stage instead!What will our search for the Mayor reveal? The secret of the small town is much more than you could possibly imagine!Cozy, hand-drawn scenes.Puzzles of varying complexity.A story told by the villain himself.A gallery to complement the story. b4d347fde0 Title: The Big Secret of a Small TownGenre: Adventure, CasualDeveloper:FlenxPublisher:Buka EntertainmentRelease Date: 2 Mar, 2015 The Big Secret Of A Small Town Crack Activation Code the big secret of a small town game. the big secret of a small town. the big secret of a small town game walkthrough. big secret of a small town catch the villain. the big secret of a small town strategy guide. the big secret of a small town walkthrough. the big secret of a small town game. the big secret of a small town guide. the big secret of a small town guia. the big secret of a small town guia. the big secret of a small town walkthrough. the big secret of a small town прохождение. the big secret of a small town guide. the big secret of a small town. the big secret of a small town прохождение. the big secret of a small town lösung. the big secret of a small town game walkthrough. the big secret of a small town strategy guide. the big secret of a small town lösung. big secret of a small town catch the villain This game is a really good hidden object/puzzle game. If you've ever enjoyed a game by Big Fish games then you will love The Big Secret of a Small Town.Story: There isn't much story and what there is I had forgotten by the end. You are a detective trying to find the mayor (I think, I honestly forgot all the story by the end). Level Design: It does a great job of keeping the area you can explore small in order to minimize confusion and backtracking. One thing that can get annoying with adventure games is getting 45 minutes into a game and realizing you forgot an object in the first screen. Big Secret is designed to keep your frustration to a minimum.Puzzles: The puzzles cover a wide variety of styles, from slide puzzles to Tetris block puzzles. If I recall correctly, not a single style was repeated so it never got repetitive or boring. The only puzzle I disliked was the final puzzle, which was seemingly random. The flow of the game is: You're stuck in an area. Find hidden objects, use objects on devices which leads to a puzzle that rewards you with an object that you use on a central puzzle which in turn helps you exist the area. It's a nice formula that kept me hooked to the end.Overall: I recommend The Big Secret if you like casual puzzle games. Sometimes it can be hard to find genuinely good casual games so I say jump on this one if that's your thing.. Is this game groundbreaking? Not really. It's a point and click puzzle game. Does it have a great story? It's...different, sure, told through cutscenes narrated by the villain. But nothing fantastic. Is it entertaining? I thought so.A lot of reviewers compared this to a "hidden object game" but I don't really see it that way. Sure, there are hidden objects that you have to find, but that's where the similarity ends. You don't have a list of items in a scene straight out of that show Hoarders. You're a detective looking for clues, so you pick up objects that seem to be interesting to the case, or that are necessary to the challenge at hand. There is a BIT of randomness to the stuff you pick up at times, but everything fits with solving the obstacle, not "Find 2 chickens, 1 red ball and a tire iron." Then, after you find things, you can combine the items you find with whatever they go with (e.g. put the brass key into the brass lock) and there's usually some sort of mind-teaser type puzzle. (e.g. Move these colored pieces onto their matching colored pegs, or connect all these railroad tracks from the start to the finish.) These mind-teasers range from the obvious, to the "I know what to do but executing it is hard" to the "How in the world do you do this?" Fortunately, there are hints available when you're stuck on the level itself, and the possibility to skip a mind-teaser after an obligatory waiting period.There's also different difficulties, but all this seems to change is the timeout function of the hint system, so playing on easy is no different than on hard except in the time you have to wait when you've finally given up. Unfortunately, there's only one hint given when you're stuck in an area, and it doesn't always pertain to the thing you're working on at the moment. (e.g. You want to fix the elevator, but it gives you advice on the chemistry set, which you already knew about but hadn't gotten around to doing yet, so now you have to do the chemistry puzzle and wait for your hint clock to reset so you can get that hint about the elevator.) Usually, this helps, if you have to unlock one puzzle before unlocking another one, but it's not always linear, so it's a minor annoyance.If you're into hardcore puzzles, this might not be for you. But if you like hidden object games (keeping in mind what I already said about the comparison being iffy) or point-and-click adventures, you might want to give this a try. But it's not worth it at full price. At the $2 I paid for it, certainly.Overall: 7/10. Nothing amazing, but entertaining.. This game was pretty fun up until that boss "puzzle". It is unbeatable. I cannot finish this game. DO. NOT. BUY. IT. VERY VERY UNSATISFYING.. If you have Windows 10, you will be dealing with crashing during the story cutscenes, and the game has no way to replay the main story cutscenes as an autosave is performed just before the cutscene starts. There is no-where on the web where these cutscenes are posted so that you can actually watch them all when your game crashes.Support pages for the product refer to the Russian game makers site, but there is no support for this game on the site, even when translated.This is in the US under Big Fish Games, but the site has nothing about game crashes.Also, the tag this should have had as a Hidden Objects game was missing, but the actual puzzle part of the game makes up for the lameness of the hidden objects part of it.. Wish I could give this a clear thumbs up but can't, if I could it would be a maybe.At its core, the game is a solid puzzler with a great set of variety as well as difficulty. Great artwork and serviceable story, I guess.The problem lies in the hidden objects part. There's far too many so-called "pixel hunts" or objects so small or obscure that you have to slowly trawl the pointer across the screen until you get lucky or just use the hint for a clue. Almost immediately in the beginning you have to find 5 tiny triangular buttons, which are practically microscopic. To me, that's just poor design, not challenge.Moments like that made me so frustrated that when it came time for the puzzles, I may not have had the patience and skipped them rather than take the time to appreciate them.Not a bad game, just poor design choices that I hope they learned from for the future.. Pros:- Great Hand-Drawn Art- Complex PuzzleCons:- Game doesn't run on HD Resolution( Note: I've change resolution on the config.ini but it doen't make a sense )- Sometime Hint aren't too helpful- Can't switch to Windowed mode even if i already un-check the Fullscreen, i think it was a bugOverall story is great and Object is completely Hidden.My Score for this game: 8 / 10. I agree with the other reviews posted here. This game is not so much a hidden object game as it is a puzzle type scavenger hunt that requires you to find items and piece them together to solve problems. It took me by surprise actually as I weekly search for hidden object games on Steam and when this popped up I bought it thinking that is what it was.I am not disappointed however as the story is good but it does lack some things. The hints button is not that helpful and sometimes you can miss items due to them being so small you pass by them. And if you need to skip a puzzle the loading time for skipping it really drags out. So it's a good game but not a great game. And don't buy it thinking its a HOG like I did.. Really good game, nice graphisms and interesting puzzles.
Steven Jordan