The Benefits of Steam PC Gaming - 2019

Published a year ago
Steam PC Gaming
We have all heard about the incredible amounts of revenue generated that the mobile gaming market is turning in. While it may have a bit of the hype at the moment, it doesn’t mean that it has just surpassed the already massive PC gaming market. According to SuperData’s worldwide digital games market report, PC gaming outlasted the mobile gaming market by over seven billion dollars in 2015. Steam Pc Gaming is best because so many things we can get from Steam such as Free Steam Wallet Codes and many more things.
PC gaming‘s revenue cleared just over 32 billion dollars and didn’t even include the retail sales that were involved with them. Sites like Steam along with improved graphics and hardware, and the ability to buy customized systems to support your new purchases, give the PC world the advantage it needs to stay at the top of the gaming community.

Impact of Steam

If there is any indication of what kind of impact Steam has on the PC gaming community, take a look at its current users. It at this very moment has over 10 million users on their site. At this time, they have over 125 million active accounts on their website and generated $3.5 billion in sales last year.
This all started with the software company, Valve, who created the Half-Life series. They announced the launch of the website in 2002. With over 6,000 titles available along with endless software updates, and their famous bi-annual sale, Steam helped revive the PC gaming industry.

PC graphics

One of the biggest benefits of PC Gaming as opposed to console gaming is the ability to customize your graphics. For example, each Xbox One and PS4 come with the same generic processor in every system. This naturally evens the playing field between each user who has the game, limiting your ability to customize the game according to how you enjoy playing.
On the other hand, PC games have only seen vast improvements throughout the years of gaming software along with general industry upgrades as well. As shown below, PC games revolutionized into 3D textures with the release of the Hover tank in 1991.
The graphics may be a bit choppy, but in just a short twenty years there have been leaps of graphics brilliance like in the Elder Scripts v Skyrim. Not only have the games themselves improved in graphics quality but the advancement of graphics cards has enhanced them as well.
The option to upgrade multiple generation’s worths of graphics cards to help give your monitor the crispest image it can possibly have is something that a regular console may never be able to do. Graphics are a huge benefit in the PC gaming corner.

System upgrades

AVADirect is the quintessential example of being able to customize your system to your own personal preferences. Gaming is second nature to us here, and this is why we give the most amount of options possible when selecting a computer.
Unfortunately, you’re not able to pick apart a console from the comfort of your own home and place the parts you need to optimize your experience. Luckily, with PC gaming, we’re able to upgrade anything from a processor to a graphics card.


Normally, you can expect to buy almost every newer console game for about $70. It can really break the bank just to purchase one or two games on a holiday, but with PC downloads, that isn’t the case.
On a site such as Steam, the most popular top seller features a game set in the prohibition era that rings in at a very reasonable price of $1.69. The overwhelming amount of specials along with your crowd favorites make PC Gaming an affordable yet comparable option.


On the surface, console gaming along with mobile applications has seemed to control a majority of the gaming market in the past decade. After taking a closer look at it, the ability to customize, save money, and enhance graphics show that PC Gaming is still a true contender in the gaming world. The next time you’re considering a download or purchase, remember to not leave your PC out.
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