The Basilisk's Maze
Published a year ago
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Windows; Android; WebGL
A small arcade maze game where players take control of a cartoon fantasy character and try to escape from a procedurally-generated maze, collect as much treasure as possible, and not get caught by the titular monster.
This was a solo game development project. All programming, art, and other aspects of its design were done by one person. The final product was released on and Google Play.
The most notable part of the game's programming design would likely be the maze generation code. The mazes are generated as arrays of integers (with the first four bits representing passages to adjacent cells) and use three iterations of a standard maze generation algorithm to create the final maze. The first run generates the base maze, while the second generates a maze with passages that can be added to the first (using the AND operation). Before ANDing the first two mazes, a third maze is generated and ORed with the second, so that only passages generated in both these mazes are kept. This complicated procedure had to be done to open up the maze so that the player had ways to flee from the monster (the third maze, likewise, is there to ensure the maze isn't opened up too much).
The most notable part of the game's art design would likely be the various versions of the titular monster who appear, notably the in-game sprite and the giant head on the title screen. Most of the animated elements of the game were accomplished with Esoteric Software's 2D skeletal animation software, Spine.
Alex Macaulay
Programmer - Programmer
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Windows; Android; WebGL