The Balcony
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Windows; Linux
You are high above surrounded by various objects which can cause destruction when combined with gravity. Your boss requests you to clear the streets from the ominous targets as they are causing harm for the innocent civilians. Are you able to protect the city in time?

The Balcony is a challenging, yet a satisfying physics based game. The game consists of two game types; the campaign and the arcade mode.


In the campaign your goal is to follow your boss' orders to take out the notorious targets off the streets. Sometimes it is not easy to determine who is your current target which is why you have to be careful to not to harm any civilians. Gain points by successfully eliminating your targets. Harming civilians or their property will subtract your points respectively. There is a good number of levels with different environments and weather effects. Each successfully completed level unlocks new objects in the arcade mode.


Test your capabilities of surviving against zombies in the zombies mode. You are stranded in your apartment along with the starting furniture. Fortunately the apartment is equipped with a computer which can be used to order new objects. The question is, are you able to conserve enough supplies and battle against the undead? Endless waves of various zombies challenge your strategic planning skills.


  • Over 120 throwable objects.
  • Satisfying physics.
  • Dynamic environment.
  • Destructible furniture, vehicles and more.
  • Steam achievements.

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Game Languages
English; Arabic; Estonian; Finnish; Swedish; Norwegian; German; Spanish; Dutch; Chinese, Simplified; Russian
Supported Platforms
Windows; Linux