The Arena Tale
Published 2 years ago
In development
The Arena Tale is a top down arena brawler, you are a Claydiator that will fight actively switching between 3 character types, a ranger, melee fighter and a defender, failing to switch to whats needed will result in a faster death, after wave leveling up and be able to upgrade their stats and unlocking new characters each time a new type is killed, whilst in level you can run around activating traps and using active upgrades when you have the chance.

In a time before the event that the world of Macrocosm would currently be known for an ancient civilization known as the Claydians ruled the single Island of the planet. Life was peaceful and war was non-existent. The inhabitants way of life and survival was a resource they used for building their houses, their furniture, their tools and their trade, this resource was clay. In their main capital the Claydians rulers were a council of different minded people. This council held a great power to which made the Claydians successful and this was to sculpt and create giant monuments of clay.

However, as time went on the event that changed the world had began. The Shattering. This broke the single large island into many different continents. The great civilisation had shattered along with the island, just like clay. What was left was several islands to which held small to large populations of people. This birthed several cultures across the planet each building different monuments and structures, calling their culture different names and crafting different monumental structures. Though when several of the larger cultures came to it was realised that each had a fragment of the Claydians power. Not to create giant structures from clay any more but to create life from clay.

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