The Archivist (Environment Artist)
Published a year ago
In development
Windows; Mac
Ive worked as a freelance environement artist for The Archivist a VR experence by Nothing like you productions. I have created man environments and props for this game. This is there description of the game. With ‘The Archivist: VR’, Nothing Like You Productions has set out to create a unique virtual reality experience that takes you beyond the curtain, into the unpredictable dreamscape of Twin Peaks. Leaving the borders of reality behind, you will enter the meticulously recreated world in virtual reality and experience an unprecedented level of immersion as you re-live some of the show’s most iconic moments. With an original story line, set against the supernatural mythos of television’s most mysterious town, ‘The Archivist: VR’ will bring you closer to the show than ever before. Visit for more details and info.
Mitchell McCollum
Technical Artist/Generalist - Artist
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Windows; Mac