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About This GameYou are an Architect, a mysterious humanoid creature sent to a polluted planet with the sole mission of cleaning it up, and rebuilding their world. However, you are weak and powerless, and are gifted only with the power of persuasion.Across the ravaged landscape, you will encounter the inhabitants of this world: A variety of alien species of which you will need to befriend and use their abilities to help you to explore and build.Explore, clean up pollution, and use teamwork to craft the most glorious city in the galaxy.Over 12 different creatures (and growing), each with their own unique abilities to play as and switch betweenCollect and craft houses and infrastructure to build a cityFarm resources to feed the creatures, fueling their abilitiesGive the creatures jobs! Tons of unique lines of dialogueBeautiful atmospheric musicA large open world to explore the way you see fit.----"Long ago, there was a thriving metropolis on a lonely planet in the middle of space. All creatures lived in great prosperity, and all were considered equals. All had equal say and equal rights. All was well.One day, however, the oil they used to create energy for their city ran dry. The water, after dumping all of their trash into it, became too polluted to drink. The soil became dry and barren from overuse, and stopped bearing fruit and vegetables to eat.Their way of life, abruptly came to a halt.Soon after, the different species turned against one another, blaming each other for the situation. The Giants massive bodies required more food, so they were blamed with the food shortage. The Sagaraths and their constant need for Air Conditioning, were blamed with using too much electricity, and thus were responsible for the oil shortage. And the Cruplings, with their obsession with long hot showers, were blamed with running out of clean water.They began to fight amongst one another, and a great war broke out between the tribes.After years of fighting, the disparate tribes became too weak from lack of nourishment, that they all surrendered at the same time. The creatures went their separate ways and scattered across the world, no longer united with each other or even amongst their own tribes.The few creatures that survived lived on scraps, and wandered the wasteland of their world. Over time, many forgot about their once great utopia, though the ruins of its many shops, houses, and infrastructure still remain.You are an Architect, a genetically engineered humanoid with the sole purpose of cleaning up polluted and destroyed cities. You will be sent to this wasteland and there, you will journey across this ancient world, rid its waters of pollution, break down its decrepit structures of old, and recycle and reuse its materials.Find the lost creatures, and use their help to traverse the world using their unique abilities. and in return, you will feed them, house them, and give them jobs and a sense of purpose. You will make their lives better with new facilities, beautiful architecture, and renew their perspectives with artistic decoration, interior and exterior, re-purposing ancient artifacts and monuments that you find from the old world, using your own unique creative eye to turn the urban wasteland into a beautiful and live-able utopia, greater than the planet has ever seen."But be careful, Architect. Although you are adept at making friends, there are many who will resist you.And at night... The green stuff comes." b4d347fde0 Title: The ArchitectGenre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPG, Simulation, Strategy, Early AccessDeveloper:JasonarioPublisher:JasonarioRelease Date: Summertime The Architect Activation Key Crack the architect video. the balkan architect youtube. the architect pierce brosnan. the architect jalgaon maharashtra. the architect now. the belly of an architect download. the architect says pdf free download. the 3d architect. the architect's apprentice pdf free download. the architect actor. the architect haken lyrics. the architect bookshop. the architect of genocide himmler and the final solution pdf. the architect full movie مترجم. the architect chester sunday menu. the architect neo. the architect 2006 movie download. the architect halo. the architect dc comics. the architect briggs. the utopian architect. paloma faith the architect download. the architect firm. the architect download. the architect of the universe. the architect villain. the naval architect. the architect tour. the architect 2006 cast. the architect brosnan. the architect's studio companion pdf free download. the queens architect. the architect restaurant cambridge. mouth of the architect quietly. the architect wiki. the architect sebastian stan. the best architect university. the architect workshop. the architect furi. the architect model 500. the architect engineering consultant. the architect and engineer of california. the architect lyrics paloma faith. english architect who designed the banqueting house whitehall. the architect's apprentice pdf download. the architect in practice 11th edition. the architect nazi. the architect 2016. the architect - les pensées mp3 download. the architect full movie online free. the architect who invented the skyscraper was. the architect's apprentice quotes. the year architect. the architect 101. the architect paris. erick the architect quotes. the architect parker posey. the architect of song. eames the architect and the painter full. the key architect of the texas budget is. the architect of indian constitution. the architect song. the architect of german unification was. the architect guide. the architect cambridge. the architect says pdf download. the architect les pensées lyrics. the architect model 700. eames the architect and the painter full movie. the paris architect quotes. styx the architect 1/4 coins. the architect paloma faith torrent. the architect collaborative. the architect 2012. watch the architect online free. frank the architect font download. the lego architect torrent. chief architect full version free download. the architect in english. paloma faith the architect free download. paloma faith the architect deluxe torrent. the architect blacklist
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