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About This GameAfter awakening from her coffin, Arra recalls little but the last words spoken by her father, “Destroy the Amber Throne.” Looking into the sky, she finds what was once his magnificent castle is now floating in the sky, far above the world below. Arra must find a way to reach the castle before others catch wind of it, lest the powerful Amber Throne fall into the wrong hands. Amber Throne is a traditional JRPG-styled game that focuses on turn-based battling and some light exploration. The game features a large cast of unique monsters that change stances depending on actions taken during combat, and a party with mostly mixed hybrid roles to deal with them. Learning monster behavior and how your skills affect them is essential to reaching victory. Fully painted world with diverse settings and unique characters. Many monsters with multiple stances and behaviors to master. Five party members each with their own skills and advantages. Crafting for the game's best equipment and items. 12-15 hour-long story with optional content and exploration.The game is a bit more atmospheric and ambient than most JRPG-styled games, with emphasis on theme and mood, hopefully making it feel a bit different to experience!ControlsShift to RunArrow Keys to MoveZ / Enter to ConfirmX / Esc For Main Menu Or CancelF5 For FullscreenD+hold For Skipping Dialogue d859598525 Title: The Amber ThroneGenre: Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPGDeveloper:Joshua MissilePublisher:Joshua MissileRelease Date: 6 Jul, 2015 The Amber Throne Torrent Download [portable Edition] I kept postpoinng buying this thinking it was just "another indie RPG", "they are a dime a dozen." It IS another indie RPG but a GOOD one. Has a watercolor like art style, classic jrpg battles, and an interesting story. HIGHLY RECCOMENDED!!!. Absolutely brilliant. Buy this game if you are into JRPGs. Trust me.. The game is really fun and the combat is not boring. The art style of the game is unique and makes the experience of playing through it even better. The story of the game is interesting and keeps you wanting to play to the end.. I have bought this game due to my interest in RPG classic games, especially because the MENU system reminds of Final Fantasy series...I have played it for around 7 hours now, and it's been what I expected it to be, ( the game is indeed playable in FULL SCREEN ) the storyline is interesting and you get the feeling of playing a novel.So far so good, I'll update as I keep on playing!. The Amber Throne is a very beautiful rpg. I have no real bad things to say about it, (as it was very enjoyable!) only some wishes.I wish the story was more... concrete? It felt very fantasy babble at some points. I'm an experienced reader, but the text often was confusing. I was left to fill in the blanks for many things (and I played where I talked to everyone to get all the information I could, searched for all story clues, etc). I wish that we could have known a little more about the characters. They talk about their motivations but no real reasons are shown for them... They just... have a lot of feelings I guess? Since you are playing as Arra, who lost her memory, that confusion kind of works at the start in the game's favor? But as the game progresses, you realize that even the person you are supposed to be playing as is keeping things back from you... argh. I'm frustrated, because with some fine tuning, this story and characters would make me care about them as much as Undertale did. As it is, I'm left with the feeling of being on the outside of something big, and not now or ever being allowed into their inner circle to see more. Because I do care about the characters, I just wasn't allowed to get to know them.The art and character/monster designs are stunning tho. Extraordinarily, sometimes breathtakingly stunning. It felt like playing through a storybook. The music matched very well too. Knowing where to go was confusing (a lot of walking into invisible walls ensued), because of the watercolour artstyle there wasn't clear lines as to where the path was. Also, there would be paths that would lead off-screen that you couldn't explore. I didn't mind all this however, as I liked exploring the world. It got frustrating a few times (like the time I wandered around an entire area for 5+ minutes walking into all the spaces of the screen trying to figure out where I was supposed to go - it turned out that it was a screen you previously couldn't enter, but it looked the same as it always did, so I assumed it was one of those 'aesthetic' background doorways - like it was befoooore it changed), as it does take you out of the immersion, but I don't know if that could have been helped.You can tell so much love went into this little (surprisingly long) game, and it is a gem that is worth playing. Despite what I said about the characters being rather one demensional, the world building is exquisite. All down to the art once again. The art is certainly this game's strong point (and comes so alive, that maybe that's why I was left disappointed with the writing, it just couldn't live up to the art).Definitely worth it for the rpg fans, or people new to video gaming. It's a very soothing game.. prepare to be one-shoted!. Nice and relaxing, good original plot but a bit repetitive.. The Amber Throne is simply awesome. Beautiful music and visuals and great story. The skill and equipment system allows you to choose from a lot of different tactics to use and the characters you play all have diverse fighting styles.The "gamebraking" bugs some talk about are actually very easy to workaround: just save the game often. Only the autosaves are sometimes broken so if you save every 5-10 minutes yourself you won´t encounter any major problems during the playthrough.If the game looks even a bit like something you might like, I highly recommend it.. Amazing art - you will love it if you are hardcore JRPG fan in the SNES/PS1 era. Can't miss!. This game is absolutely beautifulArtistically, Musically and Thematically beautifulThe gameplay is very nice and runs extremely smoothly, even if its very simplistic. At first it feels like it has some depth to it. Then you realise how few skills you actually get and battles kinda end up being over-simplified as a result.The games not without its glaring flaws though, as it tends to lag like a ♥♥♥♥♥ in the overworld, especially after leaving the city and running does not work, at allSorry that I can't bring anything new about this whole thing, but all the other reviews are pretty spot on:Its a great, beautiful game with a good handful of techniqual issues.That said, I utterly recommend you get this, especially if your into JRPGs. Just make sure you save often and stock up on potions and you will be fine
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