The adventure of R.B-T1
This game is a basic 2D game which has a back story. In this adventure you will discover travelling through differents map, trying to find the truth about yourself, a robot that thinks that he's human. He's called R.B-T1 and he doesn't have memories. During the travel, he will recover his memories and he will discover the truth. In each chapter, he will have to face greats dangers to find his memories. This game is Beta. Read more about the game in the paragraphs.
This game is for all the ages and it doesn't have sound because I'm new and I had like to know your preferences. It has the controls in the options menu. The game doesn't have checkpoints so becareful because if you die even if you are close to the flag you will start from the beginning. As I said it's BETA and it only has one level but I will try to add more stuff, like levels, sounds etc... at least one time per week or month.
It's my first game and I have worked two weeks to make it. I'm sixteen and I hope that you will like it. Thanks in advance for downloading it. I had like to have help but for now, I made it alone.