The abandoned citadel
Updated 2 years ago
Ancient, yet advanced technology was left on this citadel
(Work in progress: this post will often be updated as long as the platform allows me to do so)
Update November 28th: I made some basic assets, also based on sprite shapes: background hills and parallax columns! I feel this gives a feel of an ancient and enormous place. I have also set up the 2d pixel perfect camera, it works like a charm! it pixelates everything and tries to make all objects to move a single pixel in the screen based on the pixels per unit your whole scene manages (its a good idea to keep the pixels per unit standard in your own project, I'm managing 10 ppu)

Update November 25th: This weekend I put all my efforts to finally make the sprite shape to work as I want, and I think I finally got something tastier than before! Now I'm using 2 assets only: one for the rocky items of the level, and other for basic vegetation. Now that I have a PSD with all the guides I need and I have more know-hows on creating sprites for sprite shapes, I'll be creating more of then in the middle of the week. This project won't be focused on gameplay, therefore I might be using 3rd party assets for the character and camera movement, however all the art will be created by myself
Also, I was finally able to make the corners work, but now I'm having another issue: the 2d collider is not being generated as I would like, I gave up on this and I edited manually the polygon collider vertices on top of what the sprite shape attempted to generate for me. It would be really helpfull if the sprite shape collider offset could be as large as I would like rather than being limited from -1 to 1
That's all for today

Update November 13th: Hello there for anyone reading this update. This weekend I've been checking deeply how sprite shapes work. I have used previously in another project, but not with all the features it has. I wanted to use corners as sprites, however I faced this bug It seems that this bug is not fixed even if its reported the otherwise. since some comments say its still happening in 2018.2. I'm working around this bug by making sprite outlines, trying and fixing the corner based on a single sprite, which is more difficult than it should be. If anyone reading this has somehow solved this bug, I'd like to know how did you fix it.
The abandoned citadel is an environment art demonstration for a pixel-art 2D adventure platformer I'm developing. In this game you have to explore an abandoned citadel which seems to contain very advanced technology, but their habitants believed this tech was actually magic. This game won't contain narratives, but a story told by the environment itself.
Challenge tools used so far:
  • Sprite shape
  • Pixel perfect 2D camera
More info coming soon!
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Juan Barba
Game developer - Programmer
Juan Barba
2 years ago
Game developer
Hello. I tried a new project and created an empty sprite shape profile and a new sprite shape that uses it, I set up 2 corners to have automatic corners and the corners are showing up, BUT... it seems there is a limit based on the sprite's pixels per unit. The project I am working on has everything set up to use 1 pixel per unit, as I thought this would be a proper set up for a pixel-art game, however in this new project I started playing with this setting and it seems if the sprite used for the sprite shape is less than 8 pixels per unit, the corners won't render. I will file a bug report with these findings
Juan Barba
2 years ago
Game developer
Hello, thanks for answering. The sprite shape I created has no curves, everything is linear (for now I'm testing a rectangular shape) and I currently have 6/8 corners assigned in the profile, as per the 2nd and 3rd demo video. The only thing missing to test is to do this in a brand new project, if I'm able to reproduce this bug even there, I'll definitely file a bug report.
2 years ago
@Juan Barba Please note that a Corner Sprite is only displayed if the Control Point and its neighbors are in Linear Point Mode. Also the CornerSprites must be assigned in the SpriteShapeProfile and as well as satisfy the corner tolerance. More info here : If you still have issues, could you please file a bug report with a simple repro project ?