The 7th Sense : Mixed Reality UI [2009]
In 2009, I presented my project “The 7th Sense” in the Human Machine Design category at the Microsoft Imagine Cup. This device offered the possibility of visualizing and interacting with alternative realities among others. In other words, with today’s technology, the Google glasscrossed with the Kinect or Hololens. I was a finalist with this concept to the world finals. How to keep our acquired numerical skills, while drastically reducing our consumption of raw materials, energy and fossil resources? By creating a single device that will replace all of them, which could not become obsolete, and whose only functionality’s limit would be the imagination of the developers . The 7th Sense device enables to superimpose the digital world on the real environment. Everything around us turns into a Microsoft Surface and offers intuitive interaction and much more, since, this is the first device to enable the viewing of holograms and also enables the sharing of true-life experiences in stereoscopy.
Greg Madison
IXD / UX-UI / AR VR MR - Designer