The 4th Dimension
Published 9 months ago
In development
The 4th Dimension is a bunch of scenes, games and interactions, where i test and tune my own qualities and owned assets to the max i can. Suggestions, interest and anything about this from you is welcome !
The 4th Dimension is my personal study work.
As i go through my studies, i try to connect, what i have learned with what i knew before, and what is in my mind earlier, or for a long, long time.
So this is a VR-Integration with lots of lots of stuff i already own, as you can see, and i am willing to learn about what i can do in VR in common. So the 4th Dimension is a bunch of Scenes, hanging together or not, making up small games or features, i want to test and tune, since i am happy with it in common.
I see it like a Lab, but it looks different, as i am.
If it is playable, and i own every needed license for purchasing this, i will open it to testing, but this is part of the process, too. Yet i don't exactly know, if paying for the asset is enough to use it in a somehow commercialized game.

Yves Tanas
The 4th Dimension - Owner
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English; English, British; German
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