TextureGetter (Editor Extension)
Texture Getter is an editor tool that quickly finds and assigns Textures to your Materials. It's great at connecting references in messy projects, and perfect for finishing Materials from imported assets.
How does it work?
Texture Getter uses your material's name combined with configurable naming conventions to find matches for all your shader properties. It looks through every texture in your project faster than any human, and assigns matches to your material.
Features ✔️ Call "Get Textures" on one or more Materials ✔️ Searches through your project for Textures suitable for your Material ✔️ Pre-configured with support for industry standard naming conventions ✔️ Customize to support any Naming Convention ✔️ Customize to use prefixes or suffixes, dashes, or underscores, Albedo or Diffuse ✔️ Compatible with custom shaders