TextToSpeech Unity Asset
TTS technology reads aloud texts on computers, tablets and smartphones. It basically converts texts into spoken voice or audio by reading any string of text characters to form sentences.
Want to turn your words into human-like relatable voices? That is the power of TTS or Text to Speech Function.
Although this assistive technology was initially built for the visually impaired, it is now used to aid in learning languages. TTS helps children and foreign language learners in reading and correct speech pronunciation.
For your unity application, this TTS powered by OrukaUnity is geared up to fit for unity-based developments. It is a plug-in that allows the ease of using native text-to-speech feature for iOS and Android.
Features of OrukaUnity's TTS include the following:
  • Volume, rate and pitch adjustments
  • Can switch TTS engines for voice language and settings for android
System Requirements include
  • iOS7 or higher
  • Android 1.6 or higher + TTS Engine
Ot know how to use the tool, please visit here
Oruka Unity