Texas Chainsaw Massacre
A direct chronological follow-up to the original horror masterpiece, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D brings the Sawyer legacy to the big screen like never before. Watson/DG was given the challenge of constructing a website conveying the gritty, psychological quality of the 1974 cult classic, while merging interactive elements and engaging design. This balance begins with the focal point of the site- a highly detailed chainsaw, built in Unity3D and then incorporated into the Flash site. The ever-moving saw encourages users to click on hotspots, revealing grisly facts and brief clips from the film- all shareable with a simple click. Mirroring the audio techniques of the original classic film, constant ambient sound effects remain present through all site navigation, giving the eerie impression that the site might actually be alive. Whether you’re a fan of the first movie or new to the franchise, Watson/DG delivers a realtime 3D experience with enticingly sinister features and undeniably chilling charm.
Aron Chavez
Fullstack Engineer + Artist - Owner
amanda barry
2 years ago . qui lo streaming del film