Tetrun: Parkour Mania
Updated 2 years ago
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iOS; Android
Parkour & Freerun mobile game with unique game experience!
Tetrun is endless parkour and freerun game with special attention to user freedom in tricks. You goal is simply try to climb a tower without being smashed by falling cubes. But it's not about a speed. It's about smooth movement and nice tricks combination. There are various endless towers that you can discover. Each tower has a special story, stylization and gameplay features. Player movement is controlled by special 8-dircetion controller called gesturator. Each direction can be improved to more three directions in next step of finger move. This unique control allows player to make hundreds of combinations of trick very quickly and gameplay is never the same thanks to this.


  • 100+ parkour and freerun moves.
  • Gameplay is never the same thanks to the generated environment.
  • Innovative control allows you to choose from dozens of moves fast with just one finger.


It’s 2014. We were are just two guys, trying to make a 3D racing game. Half a year later we’re realising that we can't make this demolition derby as good as we want it to be. One day, Jindřich comes up with the idea to make a simple game with all the basic stuff like a store, rewards, etc. First he has an idea about a small character climbing over puzzle blocks. It looks original and simple enough so we get to work. And as the first prototypes show, it's really hard to achieve what we want.
Cableek s.r.o.
Ondrej Regal
Developer/Artist - Designer
Game Languages
English; Spanish; French; German; Russian; Czech; Slovak
Supported Platforms
iOS; Android