Put the blocks in the shape, complete 1000+ challenging puzzles, train your brain Tetrizzle is a blocks puzzle game tangram-tetris inspired. Fill the board by dragging different shaped blocks into the correct place to make a single larger shape. If you think it sounds simple then think again! There’s only one correct solution for each level and pieces can’t be rotated. Tetrizzle is packed with thousands of FREE mind-bending levels of increasing difficulty that’ll keep you busy for hours. Once you’ve tried, you’ll be hooked. Get smarter with a daily brain workout, try to solve the weekly impossible level and show everyone how smart you are. Key Features: ★ 1000+ FREE puzzles! ★ Puzzle of the day! ★ Weekly impossible puzzles! (the hardest you've ever seen) ★ 10 difficulty levels (easy to impossible) ★ Rank up in the leaderboards, challenge your friends via Google Play Games ★ 10+ achievements to win
Alfio Lo Castro
Unity Developer, AR dev, indie games creator - Programmer
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